Laugh Til it Heals
Christine K. Clifford ’s new book, Laugh ‘Til It Heals: Notes from the World’s Funniest Cancer Mailbox is a compilation of funny breast cancer stories from women who sent letters to The Cancer Club©, an online forum for people with cancer.

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Michael Baum is recognised as a world authority on breast cancer and surgery. In 2007 he was awarded the St.Gallen prize, the most prestigious award worldwide for breast cancer research.

256 pages. £30.00 / $50.00;

There are many books on breast cancer, but this is the first to specifically discuss inflammatory breast cancer. It is a guide book that will be immensely valuable to IBC sufferers, their carers, family and friends, and to GPs and oncologists around the world.

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breast beatingBreast Beating
Professor Michael Baum
Professor Emeritus of Surgery, University College London


Sixty one colour photographs.
Foreword by Nick Ross - TV presenter, former member of UK Cancer Care Think Tank.

inflammatory breast cancerInflammatory
Breast Cancer

Verite Reily Collins The author is herself a survivor of breast cancer and can therefore write with expert knowledge and experience


Compassionate guide for suffers of rare cancer.
First book on the subject. Easy to read, serious issues treated with humour.

power upPower Up
Wake Up, Energise and Wave Goodbye to Fatigue. International Bestseller over 24,000 copies sold.

288 pages. £16.99 / $29.99;

the fallopian tubeThe Fallopian Tube
Dr Gautam N Allahbadia, Dr Ertan Saridogan Prof Ovrang Djahanbakhch

724 page £195.00 / $300.00

power upStress Control
Stress Control combines the necessary medical information ( such as physiological facts about the effects of stress on our bodily systems) with a contemporary snapshot on today’s society.

£10.99 / $18.95

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