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Some practitioners hesitate to be involved with manipulation techniques and pregnancy. Osteopathy and Obstetrics demonstrates that there is no scientific evidence to support such fears. During a pregnancy the patient is going to change both anatomically and physiologically in every part of her body. The obvious signs of this change include growth of the abdomen, change of shape of the spine and pelvis and the growth of the breast tissue. What is not so obvious are the changes to the cardiothoracic system, the gastrointestinal system and the renal system. Changes to the reproductive system are obvious only at the end of the pregnancy. Osteopathic practitioners with their structural, cranio-sacral, myofascial and visceral techniques are uniquely placed to facilitate these changes. This book looks at each body system, discovers the way that the system changes, and then suggests and demonstrates specific osteopathic techniques and diagnostic methods to allow the practitioner and student to practise obstetric osteopathy efficiently. Each section contains up to date references so that science-based medical principles are respected and followed. Safety issues are constantly emphasised so that the treatment experience is a pleasant and successful one for both patient and practitioner. The book is divided into sections dealing above the diaphragm, below the diaphragm, and in the pelvis. Each section is illustrated by photographs and supported by text boxes and line diagrams. The author is a practicing osteopath and has 30 years experience of teaching osteopathy and obstetrics. In 1980 he set up the first clinic to treat expectant mothers at the British School of Osteopathy . He has written this book to satisfy the demand of student osteopaths and mature practitioners wherever osteopathy is taught and practised.

1. The Physiology of the female hormones during pregnancy, 2: Above the Diaphragm, 3: Treatment techniques for the cervical spine, the thoracic spine, the ribs, the diaphragm and the mediastinum during pregnancy, 4: Below The Diaphragm, 5: Treatment techniques below the diaphragm during pregnancy, 6: The Pelvis and lumbar spine, 7: Treatment techniques below the pelvis and lumbar spine during pregnancy, 8: The Pregnancy generalities regarding pregnancy and the Osteopathic Evaluation of pregnancy

ISBN: 9781848290563
Publication: March 2012
Format: Paperback
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