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New Delhi, India

This is one of the best selling titles in the Anshan mini atlas series. It is an excellent revision guide to the broad subject of biochemistry that gives concise clear information in a pictorial easy to read format.

The book contains 30 chapters across 8 sections: the chemical basis of life, carbohydrate metabolism, lipid metabolism, amino acid metabolism, the integration of metabolism, proteins, nutrition and molecular biology. Each chapter is lavishly illustrated with full colour images and diagrams, which are clearly explained in a short, punchy way for greater ease of understanding.

The book also contains a free photo CD Rom so that the images can be seen in larger format on screen. In brief, this is an outstanding value for money pocket revision guide to biochemistry that will be highly valued and frequently read by students throughout their period of graduation.

1.Subcellular Organells 2. Amino Acids and Proteins 3. Enzymes 4.Carbohydrate chemistry 5. Chemistry of lipids 6. Glycolysis 7. Gluconeogenesis 8. Glycogenolysis 9. Minor Pathways 10. Insulin and diabetes Mellitus 11. Metabolism of fatty acids 12. Cholesterol metabolism 13. PUFA and prostaglandins 14. General metabolism 15. Glycine metabolism 16. Cysteine and Methionine 17. Acidic, basis and branched chain amino acids 18. Metabolism of aromatic amino acids 19. Citric acid cycle 20. Electron transport chain 21. Plasma proteins 22. Heme and hemoglobin 23. Lipid soluble vitamins 24. Water soluble vitamins 25. Mineral metabolism 26. Energy metabolism 27. Nucleotides 28. DNA replication 29. Transcription and translation 30. Recombinant DNA technology

ISBN: 9781905740048
Publication: October 2007
Format: Paperback
Price: £19.99

*Outstanding complement to standard textbooks
*Excellent revision aid for undergraduates
*Free CD Rom