A Funny Divorce Horror Story with
Divorce Tips for Women!

Best-selling Minneapolis-based author Christine K. Clifford ’s new book The Clue Phone’s Ringing…It’s For You! Healing Humor for Women Divorcing relates poignant but funny divorce stories about Christine’s second divorce. “The clue phone is the phone inside your head that should set alarm bells ringing when something isn’t quite right about a man you’re involved with,” Christine said. “If only I had picked up the clue phone on one of the many occasions when it rang, I wouldn’t have entered into a marriage that inevitably ended in divorce.” Instead, she was lost in the fantasy of who she perceived “Mr Wonderful” to be and had no idea what a torturous marriage lay ahead. While there is nothing funny about divorce, Christine found humour in her predicament. She takes full responsibility for marrying a man who had all the signs – clues – of being totally dysfunctional.

Firmly believing laughter is the best medicine, humour actively became part of Christine’s therapy as she faced her second divorce. She learned about the healing power of laughter in 1994 as she underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy following a diagnosis of breast cancer. She appeared on CNN Live as “one of the world’s leading authorities on the use of therapeutic humour”.

Today Christine speaks to audiences throughout the world about finding humour in the divorce journey. Realising there was a need for support and services for those going through divorce, she launched Divorcing Divas, LLC® www.DivorcingDivas.net in September 2010, a company offering encouragement, hope and inspiration to those facing divorce.

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The Clue Phone’s Ringing offers top 10 tips for "divorcing divas,"

10 things you should never say to someone going through divorce and suggestions on how to say things differently.

Cartoons and quips on how to be a "divorcing diva" offer loads of divorce humor for women who are currently contemplating or going through a divorce.